Total Solutions Provider & Specialists in Refrigeration

Lanka Ice Refrigeration Technologies is a specialist in industrial refrigeration, sustainable energy solutions for a wide array of industries including, food, beverage, and dairy. Our proven technologies provide our customers with what they value most — reliability, operating efficiency, sustainability and long equipment life cycles that reduce their total cost of ownership.

Beverage Refrigeration

Whether it be water, soft drink, beer or dairy beverages are vital for all consumers.

Whether you need your production line, processing rooms or storage chilled, Cold Logic can help design and service your industrial refrigeration system.

Not only that, with energy costs on the rise, we can help create or revise an existing plant to help ensure you are achieving maximum efficiency.

Food Refrigeration

With the population of the world growing at an alarming rate, the demand for reliable refrigeration of food is also growing.

Being able to confidently process, store and deliver safe, premium quality food to the consumers plate requires your refrigeration system to be second to none. That's where Cold Logic comes in.

Lanka Ice has been delivering quality, reliable refrigeration to the food industry for over 40 years now. With a proven track record working with some of Sri Lanka's most predominant companies in the food industry, we can help you take your refrigeration from great to superior.

Logistics Refrigeration

Moving and storage of precious items, food, drinks and equipment all requires ambient temperature control in order to preserve quality.

Cold Logic can chill your goods while they are in transit and holding stations keeping them in ideal environments until they arrive at their destination.

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

Proper refrigeration of pharmaceuticals is essential for quality of product and the health of the consumer.

From production, packaging, storage and even high care rooms, Cold Logic can design, install and maintain an industrial refrigeration system that is optimal for production of high quality pharmaceutical products and research.

Meat Refrigeration

Lanka Ice has proudly been chilling meat for many abattoirs across Sri Lanka for over 30 years.

Whether it's processing, storage, chilling or freezing, we can create the perfect chilled environment for your product and your company.

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Fresh Produce Refrigeration

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... But it has to be fresh!

With population increasing, so is the demand for fresh produce. In order to meet these demands it's pivotal your industrial refrigeration system is efficient and designed with the capability of expansion that is predicted.

Being able to supply a premium fresh product that has optimal shelf life relies heavily on top quality refrigeration.

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Ripening Rooms

Lanka Ice provides a full turn key solution, including all refrigeration and electrical requirements, control systems, cool-room panel work (including gas tight doors and racking) as well as the correct ethylene injection systems in order to make the project a success.

Ripening rooms using controlled atmospheres are focused around the ripening of fruits such as bananas, avocados, mangoes and citrus. Our ripening rooms are specifically designed to the considerations of each clients requirements.

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Soft Drinks

The refreshing taste of an effervescent lemon lime and bitters on a warm day cannot be denied. No matter what function you attend, bubbly drinks are normally there in some shape for form.

The ability to successfully make these drinks is a heavily reliant upon the correct chill factor from start to storage.

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